Ethiopia is Africa‚Äôs oldest independent nation. In 1974 a revolution overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie and imposed Marxism across the country. Over the next 17 years Christians, particularly evangelicals, endured persecution with many believers being killed and imprisoned, and church buildings being destroyed. Since the collapse of the Marxist regime in 1991 there has been religious freedom.Ethiopia however, remains a nation classed as hostile to the Christian faith and there have been numerous incidents of persecution against evangelical Christians by militant Muslims who have targeted this nation for Islamization. There have also been cases of harassment and intimidation of evangelical Christians by members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who object to the growth of the evangelical church in the land.Pray:There has been great encouragement for evangelists who have led many to faith in Christ. Pray for a continued blessing on their work.Pray also that they would have great wisdom, sensitivity and boldness as they share the message of the gospel in Muslim areas.Choosing to follow Jesus often leads to rejection and isolation, pray that those who have experienced such loss for Christ would realise the promise of Jesus in Mark 10:29,30. There are many widows as a consequence of persecution; please pray that their daily needs would be met. Pray too for others who have lost loved ones or been otherwise affected by persecution.Pray too for our developing project work in this nation.