Our Vision:

To build a bridge between the Church in Scotland and persecuted Christians across the globe.

Our Purposes:


  • Christians who are suffering for their faith
  • The Church in Scotland to stand with suffering Christians
  • The Church in Scotland to demonstrate love and compassion prayerfully and practically.


  • Persecuted Christians through meaningful projects that do not encourage dependency.
  • Scottish Christians with the necessary tools to enable them to serve persecuted Christians effectively.
  • Christians in our sphere of influence through biblical teaching that emphasises the reality of persecution for God's people.


  • In strategic partnerships to become a source of trustworthy and accurate information on matters of religious freedom and persecution.
  • With key decision makers, nationally and internationally, to stimulate engagement with the persecuted, and those persecuting.
  • With all denominations of the faithful Church in Scotland as we seek those who will steadfastly stand with persecuted Christians.